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The gallery wall comeback

Evie KempComment
The traditional gallery wall as we have come to know it is dead. Cause of death: overexposure.
—, October 2016

Poor gallery walls, they've had a tough time. Firstly the meteoric rise in popularity where every woman and her dog were washi-taping guide lines on their walls while frantically stock piling frames. Then, the dreaded over-exposure where the interiors world became completely tired of seeing the carefully curated wall full of art - when most of us had probably just found the final piece in our own gallery wall puzzle. 

  By Barbara Maj Husted Werner. πŸ“· Wichmann + Bendtsen Photography

 By Barbara Maj Husted Werner.
πŸ“· Wichmann + Bendtsen Photography

I won't deny I was absolutely one of those people that shunned the gallery wall in favour of one or two larger pieces. In 2015/16 it totally felt that the 'idea' of a gallery wall had eclipsed any focus on what the actual artwork was and consequently a lot of arrangements felt soulless and lacking in personality, individuality or stories - which for me are the 3 main things art should bring to a room. It felt like gallery walls really had sucked the life out of art in the home. 

But, we're fickle creatures, everything comes back around and the gallery wall is no exception. Sooner than I thought though I've fallen back in love with a good gallery wall - with an emphasis on the 'good', I'm talking about thoughtful and meaningful combinations of art and decor. The staid and formulaic still manage to bore me to tears but luckily it seems inspired gallery walls are on the rise again.

 By  @sub_folk_collective /Steven Miller

By @sub_folk_collective/Steven Miller

Here are a few of our current favourites, particularly partial to the single theme collections like Steve Miller of Subfolkcollective's dog wall. Are you a fan of the gallery wall? Have you always been or did you get a bit tired of them?