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The three types of colour adopter

Michelle MatangiComment

We have a theory when it comes to colour, that there are three main personalities when it comes to how you adopt colour and that most of the time we tend to stay within our 'type' - we might bend and stretch the definition but ultimately it's how we like to put colour together and how we like to live with colour. 

It seems pretty instinctive, you might not even have realised you're doing it.

1. The neutrals and the monochrome's

Generally this is for those of us that like calm and all mostly all neutral spaces, think a lot of white or neutrals and it's generally paired with greys, browns and blacks.  It's quite beautiful when well executed, particularly like this home. 

2. The colour schemers

You might like a tight scheme with a single accent colour or a palette of 6, but colour schemers are just that - they always have a scheme, whether accidental or intentional. Colour schemers almost always echo a colour at least twice in a room. Take the room below by the wonderful Angela Chrusciaki Blehm aka @angela_thepaintedhouse.

3. The ‘all the colours’ Rainbow Brights

This is not for the faint hearted and you need a whole lot of confidence to pull this off well! Think of rugs with every colour in them paired with wallpaper that doesn't hold back. This look definitely isn't for everyone and there's no rules, it's decorate with abandon and just do what you love! The Rainbow Brights have this enviable ability to include a single element in a colour without the need to echo it (which us Monochromers and Colour Schemers couldn't resist), however if you're really not a fan of matching it can be tricky to avoid it sometimes and you have to work hard for those colours!

 Kitchen by  Lee Ann Yare , photographed by Larnie Nicholson

Kitchen by Lee Ann Yare, photographed by Larnie Nicholson


So, what do you reckon you are? Or are you crossing over between them?