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We're both big fans of the interior hashtag culture over on instagram, using them to discover new feeds, friends and inspiration as well as pushing us to change things up or try new things in our homes. Both the US and UK have scores of hosted hashtags relating to interiors, where they either have an overriding theme (eg: #styleitdark) or a weekly theme (eg: #myhomevibe).

Check out  

@eclectic_street who puts together a handy round up of active interiors hashtags with weekly themes and prizes! 

However, here in New Zealand, there aren't really any unifying NZ hashtags that are highlighting NZ style. So, we made one and we're constantly trying to get more people on board and using it for pictures of their lovely NZ homes. It really is that simple. 

We'd really love to see #NZhomeswithstyle take off, so that we can encourage each other, be inspired, show off a bit of our kiwi ingenuity and find beautiful new accounts to follow. So, please feel free to tag your home images - we'd love to see! 

 Already blown away with the loveliness of #NZHomeswithstyle.

Already blown away with the loveliness of #NZHomeswithstyle.

If you are totally new to hashtags, I really recommend checking out a couple of the ones listed by @eclectic_street , and you'll be sure to discover some amazing new people.