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The Dulux Colour Forecast 2018

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We'll be chatting more about this and trends in our new episode out on Wednesday 20th September!

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the Dulux 2018 Colour Forecast. So the word 'forecast' probably explains what it is - it's Dulux's interpretation of trends for the coming year and how that translates to COLOUR. What might not be so obvious is how this forecast is made, and the research and talent behind it, so I really wanted to share that more on here because it's something that I only discovered myself when I attended the launch.

The Dulux event happened to fall in the middle of NZ Fashion Week, and it does sound a little crazy but it really was the most inspirational part of that week for me. I left buzzing with ideas and optimism for design in NZ. Dulux is the only paint company in Australasia that regularly travels to the Milan Design Fair (Hullo, dream job! Can I come? Will carry bags!) in order to soak up what's actually happening in the design world as a whole. In presenting the 2018 Forecast, lots of those influences are shared and discussed. This isn't some kind of "let's sell more paint - our white is better" kind of pitch, it's incredibly exciting and encouraging, and for me - inspirational. The forecast is put together by three creatives I rate extremely highly - creative director and stylist, Bree Leech and colour experts Davina Harper and Andrea Lucena-Orr.

So, the over-riding theme of the 2018 forecast is 'Balance', which is what the team felt was really represented in Milan. This referred to the many ways we're trying to find balance in this world in 2017 and how this is reflected through colour, materials, historical references etc. More than ever before many of us feel torn between a 'public' and 'private' self, a problem previously only tackled by celebrities. On top of this, we're in a really huge time of political and geograpical upheaval - seeing many liberties questioned, people displaced and futures unknown.

All of this lends itself to a real focus on the importance of home as a sanctuary and the concept of hygge, as well as embracing a blending of cultures, and ensuring ultimately a sense of optimism in the space we seek solace. A strong juxtaposition of both the past and the futuristic sees unique combinations of materials and colours, with things such as terrazzo and marble playing along side textures like neoprene and foam. There are still strong industrial materials and forms but almost always softened with colour or textiles. There is a fresh modernity in what we see, it feels new but it also feels like it essentially has it's roots in comfort - in a cup of sugary tea in my Grandma's very traditional sitting room.  From this theme of balance, Dulux has curated 4 palettes that explore these notions further - these palettes being 'Essential', 'Kinship', 'Escapade' and 'Reflect'. 

Each palette has been explored by Bree Leech with her recognisable ballsy and faultless styling. I've popped them below with some key descriptions and images but be sure to click through to read/see more including a couple of pretty e-mags.


Calm and nurturing colours to help you find serenity.
Beauty can exist in the most humble and quietest of moments. Our search for a more authentic existence inspires a new-found appreciation for natural and recycled materials. As we embrace the old as new, we repair our rifts with nature and move towards a more genuine and conscious way of living.
 Essential palette - fell in love with Spanish Olive and Clay Court.

Essential palette - fell in love with Spanish Olive and Clay Court.


A rich, earthy palette to fill your home with warmth and positivity.
Create space for compassion and kindness, truth and transparency. In doing so we find new joy in reviving long-held traditions and cultural influences igniting our sense of community and kinship.
 Kinship palette. All about that Outrageous Red and Maiko!

Kinship palette. All about that Outrageous Red and Maiko!


A dreamy cocktail of colours to inspire discovery and escape.
Everybody is a global citizen in 2018 and dream destinations are just a plane ride away. It’s time to join the quest for fun and adventure.
 Escapade Palette - no caption necessary. Love it all.

Escapade Palette - no caption necessary. Love it all.


A rich, moody palette to blend your past with your present.
The age of intelligence may be upon us, but our romance with the past lives on. As smart technology reshapes the look and feel of our everyday life, we take the opportunity to reflect and reconnect with the design icons of our past. Reflect’s style has a hint of nostalgia, revisiting 1970’s glamour, 90s swagger and the elegance of the 30s and 50s.
 Reflect palette - rich, jewel tones are sticking around. That Rose Pink Villa is my favourite.

Reflect palette - rich, jewel tones are sticking around. That Rose Pink Villa is my favourite.

My first instinct was that 'Escapade' was my favourite - the bright, fun one with lots of pinks but with more time I have to say that 'Kinship' might be speaking the loudest to me now. 

Do you have a favourite?

All images by Lisa Cohen, styled by Bree Leech for Dulux Australia & NZ. 

Please note: I was under no obligation at all to write this post. My enthusiasm is entirely my own!