The Pink Room

The home of Dries Van Noten

Evie KempComment

In episode 4 I mentioned how I'd watched the documentary 'Dries' and that his home and gardens (a traditional country estate in Belgium) had me making serious heart eyes, as if the fashion wasn't enough. In 'Dries' it shows Dries Van Noten and his partner, Patrick Vangheluwe, creating elaborate floral arrangements straight from their incredible garden. The house is rich with tradition and history but everything is exquisitely thought out. You have to laugh at how precisely they tweak the positioning of objects - I think we can all relate to that and how much effort, 'effortless' really is! It's so relatable but also such an integral part of Van Noten's creative genius and how he sees the world and is able to put together such incredible work. His seemingly chaotic and eclectic style is painstakingly scrutinised, and it's a total joy to watch him work. 

Perhaps what I loved most about seeing their home, was that despite being a pretty grand country pile it's very much a home. Like so many homes, it's when you see how the occupants use it that you truly appreciate how well thought out it is. Luckily this can be seen in the doco so you don't need to go an peek through the windows to see this. It's hard to see in these pictures just how opulent and lovely it really is but here are a few images from photographed by François Halard.

Basically I just fell in love with the man, the brand, the house, the garden and the dog. I highly recommend a watch this weekend!