The Pink Room

#3: Colour

Evie Kemp

Evie and Michelle talk all things colour. Your colour type. Basic colour theory. Rules to balance your rooms. Colour inspirations, challenges, and what's the deal with red?

No room is complete without something red in it.
— Gil Walsh


  • The 3 main types of colour adopters
    • Monochromers, Colour Schemers, Rainbow Brights
  • Basic colour theory
  • The 60-30-10 rule
  • The rule of 3
    • Read two elements as flat, 3 gives so much more dimension.
  • Miles Redd @milesredd - Master of using red in interiors.
  • Michelle’s orange quote: "The colour orange radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow.  Orange relates to gut reaction of red or the mental reaction of yellow." Read more here.
"We tend to create our homes around colours that resonate with us psychologically and/or are part of our seasonal personality pallet (we all belong to 1 or 4 personality groups wich also correspond to a season) however we tend to dress as we wish to be seen or as retailers dictate (at the moment everything is black and white, which is nice and safe for them), rather than the colours that support us physically and psychologically.  Of course Orange and Pink each have their own physical effect and your draw towards them may also be as a result of how you are currently feeling.  Colour psychology is a fascinating and revealing subject! Book References Jane recommends are Colour Psychology and Colour Therapy by Faber Birren. -- Jane Ashton @janeashton_design